With the blooming fascinations in the hospitality sector, hotel management studies are enlarging and spreading in the boundless areas. Remarkably, schools of hotel management in Punjab are sprouting to a wide extend. Our institute focuses on providing immense knowledge to students in the field of the hospitality sector in order to bring out good hotel managers. All types of courses are provided to them in terms of undergraduate, graduate, post graduate, diplomas, certificates, short term courses and many more specialized field courses like a bakery, bartending, one country cuisine and many more. The courses range from both short term to long term duration, starting from ten weeks to two years.
Entirely practical training is provided to them. We offer many enchanting internships offers to our students in five star, four star and three star hotels. We aim to spread our roots to places where there is an ample number of students ready to pursue these courses. Safeguarding all these points in mind, school of hotel management in Jalandhar is oriented. The vision is to provide diverse exposure to our students in the provinces of hospitality sector. Well equipped infrastructure is provided to the students which includes well furnished kitchens for chefs, materials for cooking baking and many more food items which are fresh and healthy.
The management and the faculty are something to be looked upon . The teachers have ample experiences in the hospitality sectors. The practical lessons provided to the students are designed properly and then students are guided accordingly. We provide collaborations with world class hotel committees in order to make our students participate in different events and shows so that they get lot of opportunities to explore and learn from other people. By following all the key ideas, we tend to make our institution one of the best school of hotel management in Jalandhar and in Punjab.

The hotel industry has a huge growth potential in the near future. The demand for the hotel management professionals is already huge is expected to grow more with the increasing number of hotels being setup in India all over the world. Apart from its glamour, a career in hotel management has become lucrative exciting, attracting more more students to opt for it.

BMS (HMCT) BMS ATHM are 3 years intensive programme which exposes the student to the diversity of hotel industry and equips the student with intellectual and leadership capabilities allowing the students to more into diverse managerial role in prestigious international organisations.

School of Hotel Management is offering

Bachelor Of Management Studies(Hotel Management Catering Technology)
Bachelor of Management Studies (Airlines, Tourisms and Hospitality)